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January 2014
Defining Leadership In a Changing World
by Robin V. Sears


January 2014
Canada’s Place at Ukraine’s Euromaidan
by Yaroslav Baran


October 2013
The Making of the Speech From the Throne
by Geoff Norquay






June 2013
The Politics of Pipelines
by Robin V. Sears


December 2012
When Social and Economic Policy Meet and Both Win
by Geoff Norquay


December 2012
Canada’s Boring Banker: Policy Maker of the Year
by Robin V. Sears


June 2012
Building Bridges to Our Energy Future
by Velma McColl




February 2012
Integrating Diverse Perspectives
by Velma McColl


February 2012
Harnessing Energy for Change
by Velma McColl



November 2011
The New Normal: Majority Government
by Geoff Norquay






February 2011
After Cancún: Time to Shift Strategy
by Velma McColl


January 2011
Can Canadian Companies Innovate?
by Andre Albinati and Michele Austin



October 2010
Obama, Canada and Emissions Reductions: From Climate Change to Clean Energy
by Daniel Gagnier and Velma McColl



September 2010
Can We Remake Parliament…And Should We?
by Geoff Norquay


April 2010
Ukraine: Emergency Democracy in Transition
by Yaroslav Baran


February 2010
Deconstructing Copenhagen
by Velma McColl


December 2009
The Politics of a Global Climate Change Deal
by Velma McColl


December 2009
Book Review: Three great reads for the holidays
by Geoff Norquay




September 2009
A Rock and a Hard Place: The Isotope Conundrum
by Geoff Norquay


May 2009
Battle of The Titans – A Progress Report
by Geoff Norquay



November 2008
Cons Versus Libs: Lessons From An Election
by Geoff Norquay




July 2007
In the Shadow of Ariel Sharon: The Missing Peace in the Middle East
by Roxanna Benoit and Geoff Norquay


Earnscliffe in the News

October 8, 2014
CBC’s Media Watch Panel: Covering ISIS

Elly Alboim, Panelist

June 29, 2014
Building a nation on permafrost

Written by Geoff Norquay

June 13, 2014
Ontario Liberals’ tough morning-after reality

Written by Robin V. Sears

May 26, 2014
Why does Andrea Horwath enrage some New Democrats so?

Written by Robin V. Sears

May 4, 2014
High cost of growing crudeness

Written by Robin V. Sears

February 7, 2014
IPolitics Hot Topics: A nation that innovates

Andre Albinati  Panelist

January 30, 2014
Senate smoke and mirrors

Written by Geoff Norquay

January 30, 2014
Justin Trudeau’s Senate gambit could have been a triumph

Written by Robin V. Sears

January 28, 2014
A rush to sanctions will only drive Ukraine closer to Putin

Written by Yaroslav Baran

January 19, 2014
What Harper, Ford and McGuinty can learn from Chris Christie

Written by Robin V. Sears

January 12, 2014
When it mattered, Canada had Ukraine’s back

Written by Yaroslav Baran

January 5, 2014
Is CETA a big deal?

Written by John Whitehead

November 19, 2013
Comparing Beer Prices


October 21, 2013
5E Conférence sur les Politiques Scientifiques Canadiennes, Du 20 au 22 Novembre au Centre allstream, á Toronto

Événement exceptionnel pour la Recherece-Développement et la Communauté de la Science et de L’innovation

October 21, 2013
5th Canadian Science Policy Conference, Nov. 20-22 Toronto, Allstream Centre

An outstanding event for R&D and the Science & Innovation Community


June 21, 2013
Energy recovery ‘powers’ conference in Florida

Written by Greg Wilkinson for American Chemistry Matters

May 16, 2013
Survey says…..your guess is as good as anybody’s

Written by Elly Alboim for IPolitics

January 2, 2013

by Robin V. Sears for the Toronto Star

November 19, 2012
A fine romance: how Canada-U.S. relations really work

by Robin V. Sears for IPolitics

November 1, 2012
CSPC 2012 – Live Streaming Link

CSPC 2012 is in Calgary at the Telus Spark Centre from November 5-7. For those of you unable to join us in person, we encourage you to visit the following site for live streaming of the conference.

May 16, 2012
Évènement spécial

C2MTL  22-25 mai

May 16, 2012
Special Event

C2MTL   May 22-25

May 3, 2012
Freedom of the press in Canada

Yaroslav Baran, World Press Freedom Day lunch in Ottawa

January 20, 2012
Reframing Federalism

Geoff Norquay

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

January 3, 2012
Changing Federalism

Geoff Norquay, Part One of the The Current

December 23, 2011
Health-care funding: How Harper views the Canadian federation

Geoff Norquay, Globe and Mail

December 6, 2011
Communications lessons from the campaign trail

by Marcella Munroe for the Vancouver Sun

April 25, 2011
Political Perspectives: Bits and Pieces Week Five Begins

by Elly Alboim: Carleton School of Journalism and Communications Blog

April 21, 2011
Political Perspectives: The NDP Numbers, Some Random Thoughts

by Elly Alboim: Carleton School of Journalism and Communications Blog

April 3, 2011
Political Perspectives: Launching Week Two

Elly Alboim: Carleton School of Journalism and Communications Blog

March 31, 2011
Political Perspectives: Emerging Narratives

Elly Alboim: Carleton School of Journalism and Communications Blog

June 26, 2010
Wrangling Lobbyists – New rules a step toward stemming public distrust

by Peter Severins – BC Business


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